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Miami Automotive Locksmith provides 24/7 full car keys and car locksmith services in Miami Florida and surrounding areas and we cost less then the other guys. We are specializing in replacement car keys, programming chip keys and fix, replace and re key automotive locks; door lock, trunk lock and ignition switch. 

 What We Do:

  • Lost Car Keys Replaced
  • Chip/ Transponder Keys Made On Site Fast
  • Ignition Switch Repairs/ Replaced
  • Program Chip Keys Including Head Remotes Keys, Fob Keys & Smart Keys
  • Emergency Car Lockouts
  • Car Remotes Control / Programming
  • Broken Keys Removed/ Replace
  • Repair, Replace and Install Automotive Locks
  • Duplicate Car / Automotive Keys
  • GM Keys- VAT’s Keys (found on old General Motors models)

Our Goal is to get customers in our business over and over again and build a base of repeat customers to our business. We believe that the key to growing a healthy business is to have a base of repeat customers providing a steady stream of revenues.
We keep working everyday making sure our auto locksmith services meet or exceed our customer’s expectation, we know that a base of repeat customers is based on creating a relationship with customers by providing personal attention, availability, fast response, deal with complaints, being helpful even if there is no immediate profit in it and make an extra effort to provide you with the best solutions or suggestions for any car locksmith issues, provide you with a high quality automotive locksmith services in Miami FL.

Our Team will provide you with superior service, competitive pricing and the professionalism you deserve with any automotive lock and key service you require, whether an emergency auto lockout or a new car key made.
Our team consists of the most professional workers who will show the most respect for your time and your properties. 
We have many years of combined automotive locksmith experience, we are specially trained our employees to provide the highest quality locksmith services at the best value possible with a professional and friendly attitude each and every time.
Replacement Car Keys 
Keys Cut & Program On Site
From $80
Price Is For Most Car Makes & Models, For a Mechanical Key ( Non Transponder / Chip Key)
  • Flat Prices Over The Phone

  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed

  • 90 Days Warranty On Jobs

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Weather You Have Lost Your Car Key and Don't Have a Spare, Your Key Is Broken or No Longer Functions or Simply Need a Spare Key, We Can Help Fast! We Make Keys For Cars For All Makes & Models Including, Chip Keys, Fob Keys, Smart Keys and Head Remote Keys. We Fix, Re Key and Replace Car Locks and Keys and Have Them In Stuck, Including Car Door Lock, Trunk and Ignition Switch. 24/7 Mobile Service, Fast & Reliable Auto Locksmith Services In Miami Florida and Surrounding Areas​.
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Emergency Lockouts
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Unlocking All Types Of Cars & Trucks Using The Best Locksmith Equipment
Change/ Fix/ Re Key Automotive Locks 
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From $79
We Carry Automotive Locks And Replacement Parts For Most Makes & Models 
Replacement Car Keys
Chip Keys / Fob Keys
Remote keys / Smart keys
All Makes & Models
Price Is For Most Car Makes & Models, For A Remote Head Key/ Fob Keys/ Flip Keys
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Automotive Locksmith Miami

5 Things to Check for in a Automotive Locksmith Miami

by Lawrence on 11/04/18

Your car is an important and valuable asset. You should make sure that it is in the right condition at all times. One of the parts that require to be at the right condition is the car lock system. Your lock system is prone to problems because it is one of the parts used often when opening and locking your car. When it has got an issue, you need to work with a professional locksmith. Not all locksmiths can offer you high quality services. Therefore, there are certain things you need to check. Here are the things that make a good automotive locksmith Miami.

1. Extensive experience
One of the qualities you need to check in an automotive locksmith is rich experience. This is necessary because handling a car lock system requires great skills and knowledge. These are skills and knowledge that require to be gained through work experience. A good locksmith should have more than six years offering the same services to clients. An experienced locksmith can handle any issue with your car lock system regardless of the magnitude of the problem. 

2. Honesty
Just like any other professional, honesty is a quality you should never ignore when looking for an automotive locksmith Miami. You do not want to entrust your car to someone who can cause more damage to your car. A good locksmith should demonstrate honesty in terms of explaining whether they can handle your car lock system problem in the right manner. If they feel they cannot offer high quality services, they should refer you to another expert. 

3. Cost effectiveness
A good auto locksmith should be affordable. This means that they do not go overboard when charging for their services regardless of their level of experience and knowledge. They should charge price that is fair to their clients. However, they should not be so cheap. If you find a very cheap automotive locksmith, it means they local the right experience or quality of the services offered is questionable. The price charged should be reasonable meaning it is neither too low nor too high. 

4. Apply the latest tools and technology
As you look for an automotive locksmith Miami, it is necessary you check the tools and techniques they use to deal with the different lock system problems. You should go for a professional who uses the latest technology and tools in the auto industry. This does not only guarantee you high quality results, but also shows that the locksmith is committed and dedicated to their job. They should also be attending ongoing job training to master the new techniques and technology applied in the industry. 

5. Offer instant help
You cannot predict when you will face an issue with your car lock system. This is why you need to look for a car locksmith in Miami who can offer you emergency services regardless of the time of the day or night. With such an expert you have peace of mind at all times because you will never be stranded whenever you got a problem with your car lock system.

When to Get A Car Key Replacement In Miami

by Lawrence on 10/04/18

Car key replacement is necessary to boost the security of your car. Most car owners in Miami find it necessary to replace the keys when they realize that the security of their cars might be compromised. There are
different instances when you should also consider doing the same. Here are some of the instances that might require you to carry out car key replacement Miami.

1. Damaged car lock
If you find out that your car key is not functioning when you try to unlock it, chances are high that your car lock is extensively damaged. It might be torn down or is faulty. One thing that is worth noting is that the locks work together with your keys. This means that regular use of the keys to unlock your car physically might cause the lock mechanism to have problems. The car lock might also be affected by other external factors including the environment. If you recognize this as the issue, you will need to replace both the keys and the entire lock system. 

2. Keys get damaged
It is possible for your car key to get damaged. The key might be broken or might not have any signs of damage. After using it for a while, it might get wear and tear just like other parts of your car. The grooves of the key might be altered, meaning that it might not work well with your car internal mechanism. If you realize that your car key is not functioning in the right manner, it is time to have it replaced. 

3. Suspect your car key is compromised
You cannot ignore even small signs that your car has been compromised. In the modern times there are people who might want to access your car. Therefore, anytime you feel that your car key might be compromised, you need to carry out car key replacement Miami immediately. This is more important in case you had lost the car keys and then found them. This ensures that your car is secure from external interference and break in. 

4. If you are using duplicated keys 
In case you had lost your car keys and you are using the copied ones, it is advisable that you replace the keys with new ones. There is no need for you to get another copy of an already duplicated because this might also compromise the security of your car. It is also good to note that consecutive car key copying compromises the quality and integrity of the original one. So, the best option is to replace the key instead of keeping on duplicating it.
How to do Car key replacement Miami
In order to get the best, you need to call your car locksmith in Miami to help. This is the only way you can be guaranteed of getting the best services because they have the right skills and knowledge on how to perform the job. It is also possible to have the key replaced by a customized one created for you to boost your car security.

5 Major Ways a Car Locksmith in Miami can Help

by Lawrence on 09/15/18

When your car in Miami has a problem with its lock system, the first thing you should do is to call your car locksmith. This is more important if you have doubts whether you can solve the problem by yourself. In most cases, it is not advisable to try to handle the lock by yourself because you might end up causing more damage to your car. There are different ways that professional car locksmith can help. Here are some of these ways that a car locksmith Miami can assist you. 

1. Lock repair
One of the most common problems that most car owners in Miami face is damage of the lock system. It might just seem to be a small problem, but you might be surprised because even a small problem with the system can make your car non functional. A professional car locksmith in Miami can help do the right repair and make the entire system functional again. They have the knowledge on how to detect the actual problem with the system and offer the right solution within a short time. They first of all assess the issue to help understand how to deal with the problem amicably. Regardless of the complexity involved in the repair work, a good car locksmith Miami will handle it perfectly. 

2. Duplicate keys 
It is a great risk to just have a single key for your car. It is important you have duplicate keys because you do not know what might happen. You might end up losing your keys or lock yourself inside or outside your car. A car locksmith will help duplicate your keys. In addition, they will also help by keeping the duplicate keys on your behalf, so that in case you lose yours, you can call them and come for your rescue instantly. 

3. Create customized keys and lock for your car
In the modern days, you can boost the security of your car by having customized car keys and lock system. A good locksmith in Miami will help design such keys and locks to ensure that it is only you who can access your car. They apply modern techniques to ensure that you have a car that has a unique lock system from others of the same model. 

4. Lock installation and replacements 
If you need to have a new car lock installed, then your car locksmith Miami will be of great help. They have the prerequisite knowledge on how to install a new lock according to your specific requirements. If your old lock has malfunctioned, they can help remove and replace it with a new one. There are different types of locks and all what you need is to explain to them the one that you want for your car and you have the job done. 

5. Offer emergency services
As you are aware, it is possible for your car to lock any time of the day or night. This can also happen at any place. A good car locksmith Miami will offer you immediate help to get you out of the emergency. Therefore, you should work with a car locksmith who is always accessible and available.